About Peggy...

Peggy Easterling grew up in East Texas, a carefree child who spent every Sunday at her grandparent’s home after church playing and laughing with her cousins outdoors. She grew up in such a large family, they didn’t have to invite the neighbor kids over to have a full baseball team. They built forts and played pretend together and would dance and sing carefree. The pretend play gained a different meaning for Peggy when at age 8 she became the victim of sexual abuse by her grandfather. She no longer pretended with dolls and laughter but was told to pretend that the trauma never occurred. She still went to the grandparent’s home weekly but watched over her shoulder in fear that the abuse could reoccur. This led to a consistent state of fight or flight, wiring her brain in self-protection, and pushing away authentic relationships due to distrust. Although God used her to do some amazing things in her early life in spite of her skeletons, it was not until her 40s that Peggy became fed up with the fake, phony smile. With help, she finally unpacked and surrendered the basement of her heart to Christ, learned to smile from within, and have fun and enjoy life again. Peggy is making it her life’s mission to help other women smile from the inside out. She wants to wrap loving arms around the child still balled up in darkness within women and show them they can have fun, be playful, and love to live again. She founded The Mindset School to forever be a student of renewing her mind the way God intended and to help others do the same.


Peggy is a certified Christian Coach and completed her certification in 2023 with Kingdom Coach HQ where she remains a member connected with other coaches that inspire and assist each other with connectivity, creativity, and Christian advice and leadership. 




Peggy is an active member of the ICCI, a premier faith-based network of Christian Life Coaches who are dedicated to serving others with compassion and professionalism. ICCI members utilize biblical principles to assist clients in setting individualized goals through a collaborative partnership that addresses the whole person.




Peggy is always seeking the best tools and knowledge to bring to her coaching practice. She completed her certification requirements with The Life Coach School to serve her clients with the highest level of coaching skill.


Peggy completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology May of 2022 with the highest honor of Summa Cum Laude recognition. During her studies and internship she learned about the science of the human brain and how it affects behavior. 


Peggy is absolutely amazing!

She is always encouraging and every time I have the privilege of hearing her I learn something new. She challenges me to adjust my mindset to be healthy & productive - and then she gives me the tools and tips to make sure I can succeed! 

~Shari Collins

It was such a blessing!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. It was such a blessing! your genuineness and transparency are beautiful. I loved talking through analogies and looking at scripture. I'm really thankful for the call we had. 

~ Laura Stonitsch

An amazing example!

Peggy gets the "BIGGEST GROWth!" AWARD! She is such an amazing example of the power of God to redeem and empower! 


~Francine Ivey

Thank you, Peggy

Overcoming my walls and masks and finding freedom is what I have been longing for so long but did not know how to express it. Thank you, Peggy, for starting this community.  


You are encouraging!

I love your analogies but more than anything, I love your sincere heart and excitement about encouraging me. It was very moving the way you leaned into our conversation.  


Such an honor!

Peggy, it was such an honor! Our conversation changed me on the inside.